Saturday, 14 August 2010

Goodman, city branch

So a top notch steak house in the city, hmm I can't believe it hasn't happened before now. Goodman is fitting in like a hand into a glove. We went on only the second day it was open and it was already full of guys in suits working their way through steaming hunks of cow and the extensive wine list. But don't let that put you off, Goodman actually has a really nice vibe, dark and sleek, not at all the all male clubby feel I was worried about. If you've been to the Maddox street branch you'll know the drill by now, fabulous aged prime cuts of beef seared to perfection on a Josper grill. We got to have a peek in the ageing room and it was like meat porn, the British beef (supplied by O'Shea's) is dry aged and the USDA is wet aged. Apparently the USDA beef has a slightly sweeter taste due to it being corn fed wheras the British beef has a deeper more intense flavour.

We plumped for the 600g bone in rib eye as anything on the bone has more flavour and rib eye is the signature cut of Goodmans with enough fatty marbling to add a real depth of flavour.

Be warned the portion sizes are absolutely massive, we ended up splitting it in the end with two sides, sugar snap peas and Lyonnaise potatoes. This was about the perfect amount of very rich food for two people, especially as everything seems to come sauteed in butter, I could practically feel my arteries hardening up as I ate. But hey what a way to go!

And as steak is never going to be a health food we got two sauces, bearnaise and stilton. The stilton wasn't at all what I expected being more like a red wine reduction than a creamy, cheesy sauce but it was still very good. And the best bit about splitting a main was that it meant I had room for dessert, which thankfully is in much smaller portions! Order the B52 parfait and put aside any preconceptions you might have about a dessert based on this most declasse of drinks. Head chef Olly has worked really hard on this dessert and it's the perfect balance of coffee and chocolate flavours. The only tiny criticism I might make is that the orange flavour doesn't really come through from the Grand Marnier so Olly if you're reading this and have another version that needs road testing I'd be more than happy to volunteer! But otherwise it was the perfect refreshing end to a delicious meal. Goodman- it's now my go-to place for steak and it should be yours too.
Goodman (City)
11 Old Jewry, London, EC2R
Estimated price per person (excluding drinks)£60

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  1. Hi there - coming to take a look at your blog after you left your lovely comment on mine (and loving your brunch idea!). I'm dying to go to Goodman, I work really close to it, and after a trip to Argentina I'm a huge fan of sharing steaks. After this post and photos its sailing to the top of my list!

    Nice blog x